[Xbox] [H] Interstellar BMD, PartyTime BMGE, and Black Invaders (VR) [W] 1100cr for all

2021.10.22 15:13 Cable0124 [Xbox] [H] Interstellar BMD, PartyTime BMGE, and Black Invaders (VR) [W] 1100cr for all

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2021.10.22 15:13 thefryingpansexual Whenever you refer to someone you can’t remember the name of as “That one guy/girl/person” in conversation, whoever you’re talking to will instantly know who you’re talking about

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2021.10.22 15:13 Robot682 [Canada][H] Complete NES games: Battletoads, G.I. Joe, Gameshark [W] PayPal or GoT PS5

http://imgur.com/gallery/0gTI64U <-- NES games
http://imgur.com/gallery/vHMBuMa <-- misc. goodies
Will consider reasonable offers, especially on items that are considerably damaged. Circuit boards and additional images available to serious potential buyers.
All prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. Shipping would be around $25 CAD (20 USD) at buyer's expense, depending on size of item. Small items or loose carts ship cheaper.
NES golf tournament $30
Battletoads $175
Wolverine $150
Qix $100
G.I. Joe $260
Little Mermaid $50
NARC $40
Back to the Future 2 $60
Nightshade $80
Punisher $120
Gremlins 2 $130
Beetlejuice $110
Battle of Olympus $50
Mega Man CART ONLY $80
Selling only as a lot $175: Lost Vikings 2, King of the Monsters, Zoop, Shaq-fu, Rocko's Modern Life, Wing Commander
Pocky & Rocky, minor label damage bottom right corner $280
Blues Brothers $70
Misc. manuals:
Ocarina of Time manual very good $15 Majora's mask manual mint $50
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2021.10.22 15:13 GraserMcDoomer What Would Dendro Do?

At this point, most players know about Yaoyao and Baizhu, and how they have Dendro Visions. A lot of people want them playable, but what would Dendro do as an element. Will it be reactive like Pyro, Hydro, etc or inactive like Geo?
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2021.10.22 15:13 DarkCharizard81 If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by

You're thinking like a fool
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2021.10.22 15:13 Lovejoy_17 Hello hello!! Latest Minecraft video has just dropped!! come check it out!! oh yeah... like and subscribe. Amazing Paper SMP: How to BREAK a VILLAGER BREEDER?!?!

Hello hello!! Latest Minecraft video has just dropped!! come check it out!! oh yeah... like and subscribe. Amazing Paper SMP: How to BREAK a VILLAGER BREEDER?!?! submitted by Lovejoy_17 to MinecraftVideo [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 15:13 Ok-Cartographer785 What the fuck's an "incident?"

So my manager pulls me aside to talk about my attendance;
"Am I short on sick hours; did I take more than I accrued?"
"No. No, no; it's just that you're allowed five instances, and upon the sixth and any additional instance after, you get a red flag, and I'm supposed to have a chat with you... and that's where we're at now."
"Wait... I still have sick time on the books?
"And now I'm being penalized for using my sick time?"
"No. No, no, no, you're not being penalized..."
"Kinda feels that's what this talk is; no?"
"No; I'm just informing you about the policy, and that you had one too many instances..."
"And there's that word again; it doesn't sound like a 'good thing' we're discussing..."
"You're fine, it's nothing; I just wanted you to be aware of where you were at, that's all."
"Doesn't sound like nothing; and now here I am, more confused than when we started this chat. You say that I have days on the books."
"And that I haven't used more than I accrued?"
"But now I'm getting penalized for taking them too often?"
"Not penalized. But yes, too often. You're allowed five instances in a rolling calendar year. Like I have over 120 hours, and there's no way I could use all them and not get in trouble!"
[I feel like telling her at this point 'that's a YOU problem.' But I refrain]
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2021.10.22 15:13 lewman1990 Link in comments bois

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2021.10.22 15:13 AIEOUvowels 15+ years of loyalty from my dad

My dad worked at a small irrigation company starting early 90's. My dad did whatever they asked of him and more. To the point where he neglected us his family. 7 days a week 8-12 hrs days. Come mid 2007 the owner sold the company and retired. In comes corporate stooges cuts pays, no overtime hours, bring in their own workers from different area.
Months in guys quit, my dad put up with them for 2 years. Then one day knock on the door corporate a-hole "turn in your truck and tools". To this day I feel like that was planned so everyone can see my dad unloading the truck of his belongings and putting them on the ground.
Ever since then I vowed to do the bare minimum at work. I was a young teenager then, but I figured out quick don't give a shit about you.
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2021.10.22 15:13 gadzo_aurel All skateparks

Can anyone give me youtube tutorial link or download link for all skateparks in true skate?
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2021.10.22 15:13 greekgh0st Fastest 32 heat run you've had?

Fastest 32 heat run you've had? Curious to see what sorta times you pros get on your 32 heat builds.
I just had my personal best w Hestia Gun (first attempt).

forced overtime II goes a long way in speeding up runs. Was my first time trying to for 32 heat
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2021.10.22 15:13 Tyrigoth Check out this drop from level 46 of the regular caverns!

Was just collecting iron for bombs and this dropped! I know where I'm going next! :)
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2021.10.22 15:13 Ignimortis First impressions after a month with the game

So I've been playing PF2 for a few weeks now, had several combats, a few non-combat challenges, and wanted to record my first impression thus far. I've extensive prior experience as a D&D 3.5/PF1 (still a big fan of those) and D&D 5e (never was a big fan, but you play what you can get) player, and several other systems, almost 10 years of play in total.
For posterity, I've played a level 4 Champion with a homebrew archetype (FF Dark Knight, which the GM and the most prominent theorycrafter in the group deemed balanced and neither too weak or too strong). with a greatsword as a main weapon, armoured in platemail - dinged 5 at the last session's end. Our group (other players and the GM all have way more experience with the system than me) use the Free Archetype, Automatic Bonus Progression and the Proficiency without Level rules. I've also watched them play the previous PF2 campaign, which lasted from level 1 to level 17.
The good:

The bad:
The mixed:
To sum it up, I feel like PF2 is a decent game from a purely mechanical standpoint...but I'm also not having fun playing it. The roleplay is fun, the story is good, but the actual game doesn't feel fun. Am I missing something vital?
I've tried making several other level 5 character sheets (a Monk, a Gunslinger, and a Rogue) and all of them seemed like they wouldn't be any more interesting mechanically when I was finished, too. It's all Stride/Skillcheck+Strike+Strike/Defensive Option/Skillcheck/Stride.
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2021.10.22 15:13 GroundStill |+260 feedback|+779 orders||[H]|Windows 10 pro/home|Surfshark Vpn|Nord Vpn & many more|PeacockTv|Netflix|Hbo Max|Spotify|Malwarebytes|Grammarly|Directv|Instagram boosts|Napster|Headspace|Canva pro|Office 365|Plex|Edu|Sling Tv|Disney +|& Much More||[W]Paypal,Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,Etherum,Litecoin|

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Join our Discord Server for allying forces with Uncle Charlie's Angels and free giveaways !!!
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2021.10.22 15:13 peachyxac prepared my fields for the update 🎃🪴

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2021.10.22 15:13 Pepperidgefarm21 Looking for fellow people in NJ

Hi peeps! I'm new to Overlading and I'm looking for people in NJ to hit some trails with. If there is any forums or anything you know of as well please let me know.
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2021.10.22 15:13 Julia_Food_Hobby Fermented Watermelon for 3 DAYS and Canned Watermelons for Winter, TWO R...

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2021.10.22 15:13 elteeC1 I just bought USDT through moonpay on Bitmart and it sent it to an unknown address Bitmart 2, rather then my USDT wallet, any help would be appreciated

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2021.10.22 15:13 reddit_feed_bot Rebel News - Populism, elitism and the pandemic: who is the unruly mob?

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2021.10.22 15:13 slingben Do you believe in God after you have seen the devil?

A bit of background I grew up in the Lutheran church baptized to 21ish. In high school, my youth group was introduced to spiritual warfare and spiritual gifts. I remember being a counselor or 'auxiliary staff', at this week-long camp. I wasn't in charge of anything just helped out in the videography department. Anyways It was like day 2 and some strange events started happening. Every night at this Lutheran camp (photos for reference, it's a beautiful place.) We would meet at the "arc" for worship. It was built like a small airplane hangar.
The first night our youth pastor confessed to the whole congregation of kids 12-21 and some adult staff he had a pornography addiction. My nose started bleeding profusely, and I was taken to the nurse's station. I miss the rest of the service.
The auxiliary staff sleeping area was in a loft I would say maybe 10-20 people slept here. Anyways after my nose calmed down I crawled into my sleeping bag. I put on my headphones and tried to chill out. The service was still going on, I was just up there alone with the lights out. About 30-45 minutes later I hear some commotion down below. It's an acquaintance of mine Gordon, he is having what looks like a panic attack. I lurked above anonymously in the dark as Gordon, his good friend Zac, and our Junior pastor( not the porn guy) stand around him they are assessing the situation. Our pastor is asking questions like have you been experimenting with 'porn', 'witchcraft. "the occult"? Gordon response in a shaky voice as his body convulsed 'some porn.' He begins to shake more violently, Zac tells pastor J that he carried him here and said something like a shadow jumped on his back. They tried to pray but Gordon couldn't. I rolled my eyes and snuck out the back fire escape and down a ladder.
What I walk into is mass fucking hysteria. Everybody is fucking praying, seeing demons, having stigmata, speaking in tounges. I think to myself what the fuck did I miss. I walk down to the dock and find some friends who don't really want to talk about it.
I am sitting there and all I can think about is the play the 'Crucible' I had read this a few years earlier in high school.
The next morning after breakfast in small groups., we were told that when God makes/ takes ground in the holy war converts non-believers, people realize their spiritual gifts, confess their sins to god whatever, etc... Demons attack. Anyways they explain the mass hysteria as a good thing. People are being healed by prayer warriors, others are translating others speaking in tounges.
I left the church after this camp. I couldn't wrap my head around this non-sense, I thought everybody was just making it up. I still believed in God, I thought the church was ridiculous.
Fast forward 4 years and I am battling a cocaine addiction.
This is fucking nuts. I'm living in my brother's basement, his native American friend moved out recently and was a barista at the local coffee shop in the neighborhood this is important later.
Anyway, I'm trying to quit coke I had already kicked the OC habit two years earlier for some dumb reason I thought I would give coke a try. I'm at a loss of what to do, My girlfriend had left me and it seemed coke I mean was a good idea at the time. I sell cars and my brother isn't making me pay rent. My grandma had recently died and left me some cash. So essentially I have no responsibility.
One night I do something I haven't done in years.
I prayed to God to lift this addiction.
I didn't pick up any shit the next day.
I start praying every night through the withdrawals.
Shadow people start coming to visit sitting on my bed I fell the pressure change in the mattress. This has to be hallucinations I think. Has to be withdrawal-related.
The is fucking behemoth of a shadow lurks in my closet with glowing yellow eyes.
My thoughts turn dark, just do a fucking line this will go away.
I don't
The shadow beast moves silently through my room to block the doorway.
I roll over and turn my phone on to the audible bible.
God knows why.
I finally start to fall asleep.
THREE LARGE BANGS the wall my phone fly off the window sill
The audio stops abruptly all is quiet.
I'm in the FUCKING sub-basement.
What is the actual FUCK.
I Look at my clock it is 3:33 am.
This is a fucking joke.
I hardly believe in god, but now there is a fucking addiction demon tormenting me.
Literally, I can't make this up.
I ask the old tenant if anything strange happened in this room when he stayed there. He said I don't talk about it, But I had a dream catcher in the corner. I said "skinwalker? "
He tried to change the subject.
Anyways I don't know what was down there but it certainly didn't he like the bible.
I know this sounds absurd.
This was 6 years ago.
But last night I prayed for the first time in a long time for god to help me with my marriage.
3 times last night I thought my cat was sitting next to me.
3 times there was nothing there.
I got chills all night as if someone was standing over me.
I fucking saw a shadow in my doorway.
So do I believe in God after I have seen a devil?
Fuck yes I do.
The vail is thinner with substance.
I am sober.
The vail is thinner this time of year.
Does prayer piss demons off?
appartFUCKINGly so.
Anyways, This is true to the best of my memory.
If you don't like my experience, what the fuck ever pretend like I'm not here.
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2021.10.22 15:13 sir_yohan A story of ice and fire

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2021.10.22 15:13 realBalubish Star Citizen 3.15 PTU Northern Lights

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2021.10.22 15:13 Bobbybliss1 Whats the Rarest thing that has happened to you multiple times?

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2021.10.22 15:13 bicep19 Gonna return to tinder. Picture help

I don’t have many photos of myself. I have a couple of good ones. All my other photos are in groups so if I zoom in the picture quality goes down.
Is it better to have a couple pics and a couple group pics or should I take a selfie?
I feel like men taking selfies is a bit weird
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2021.10.22 15:13 Ok_Adhesiveness1699 😀 Friday!!!

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