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Drifblim 1559 3040 6304

2021.10.22 15:19 Dangerous_Canary8438 Drifblim 1559 3040 6304

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2021.10.22 15:19 inchl I'm new at Arch Linux, need help for full disk encrption installation

Hi. I'm just a regular Ubuntu user. I decided to switch to Arch Linux but I need help. I want to install Arch with full disk encryption. How can I do that? There are so many different guides for this. I want a stable and secure OS so I don't want to use unstable or old methods.
I want to do a setup sticking to the official Installation guide (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/installation_guide) . Thanks.
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2021.10.22 15:19 s2legit My heart of the Grove hideout

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2021.10.22 15:19 sleepy_tea_addict How do I stop crushing on this person?!?!

They make my heart beat fast, they are just an online friend but they are so special to me. I tried so hard not thinking about them but I can't do it anymore and I hate feeling so in love with someone. I just wanna go back to my normal life where I do not love anybody so much. I kept away from this lovely person for 15 WHOLE DAYS and yet my crush on them keeps coming back. I can't do it anymore. My heart can't take this wave of emotions anymore. Whenever they send me a text message my heart skips a beat and I jump to my phone. Heck, I'm learning a whole new language for this person since they live in another country. HOW DO I STOP THIS MADNESS?! I DONT WANNA CRUSH ON THEM I WANNA LIVE A NORMAL LIFE AND NOT HAVE THEM RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND ALL DAY!!! please help-
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2021.10.22 15:19 lilsofish unneutered male and unspayed female kitten in one home

hi friends! i have a 4.5 month old male kitten that's scheduled to be neutered in about a month from now (he'll be about 5 months in nov. 24th), but i'm re-homing a 3 month old female kitten next weekend (they are not from the same litter).
i asked the breeder if she could hold on to my kitty just until after my boy gets neutered before i bring her home, but she says she can't keep her that long so i'll have to re-home her soon. we can't spay the female just yet because she's quite small and my vet recommends we wait until she's at least 5-6 months bc of the anesthesia risks.
i'm concerned because that'll mean that i'll have an unneutered male and unspayed female for about 1 month and i do NOT want to deal with any unwanted pregnancies. has anyone else been in a similar situation and has some advice? would it be okay as long as i make sure to always supervise them and have my roommates and i play with them a ton so they don't get too aggressive with each other?
any input is appreciated! thanks so much <3
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2021.10.22 15:19 MissMoldyPotatoe Catra picrewww 6

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2021.10.22 15:19 henryshoe Dune and The Judge

Any think the head Harkonnen is what the Judge looks and feels like?
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2021.10.22 15:19 insearchofspace Who needs a stand when you have kickback legs?

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2021.10.22 15:19 VikongGames Can't wait to finish developing the full thing!

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2021.10.22 15:19 mikehamper Darkrai on me - 8351 4053 5276

I’ll add up to 10 - starting ASAP
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2021.10.22 15:19 InvaderZimAndGir he isn't funny

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2021.10.22 15:19 reddit_bot21 Hmmm....I've been thinking recently, when Bonnie becomes a Pokemon Trainer, which starter do you think she'll pick?

View Poll
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2021.10.22 15:19 TheRSSBot Worker Injury at Bowmanville Cement Facility Results in $165,000 Fine for Toronto-based Company

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2021.10.22 15:19 gaserbo48 Gabby pero che ti piaccia

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2021.10.22 15:19 Less-Difference-5827 Tell me you have been robbed without telling me you have been robbed

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2021.10.22 15:19 TheRSSBot Ontario Hires 107 New Correctional Officers

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2021.10.22 15:19 xwrecker Is that tezla?

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2021.10.22 15:19 ishouldcoco3322 Dead Set, Zombieathon

Been around here for a while, and haven't seen this mentioned in that time. TV miniseries set in England called " Dead Set " set in the TV studio for a fictitious Big Brother series, as a Zombie outbreak occurs on the outside. It was made 2008 and has 5 episodes I think. Has a nice mix of comedy and horror and I thoroughly enjoyed it recently on Netflix, not sure if it is still available there though. I thought some of our US dreadsters may not have seen it but well worth a watch if Zombies are your thing. Cheers.
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2021.10.22 15:19 RegesterForDinner No Bake Lime Cheesecake! My all time favorite dessert! (3 views)

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2021.10.22 15:19 asesino_de_simps i need help lol

i have two child miis in a relationship (one of them is my lookalike), now my lookalike wants to be an adult but i give him the adult-o-matic and he rejects it for some reason, what should i do?
i don't want to delete the other mii
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2021.10.22 15:19 my-eye-candy-account She's Marvelous

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2021.10.22 15:19 starfire_xed My Pearl reference set I sold

Reference set, bass 20x18, toms 12x9, 13x10, 16x14, floor tom 18x16. Snare 1984 pearl 14x8 free floating. All paiste cymbals.
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2021.10.22 15:19 nicolbolas777 Llévame de una vez diosito.

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2021.10.22 15:19 Not_ATF_ [WTB] LMT MLR / MRP-L MLOK 13.25" UPPER RECEIVER - L7Y1A (IL)

Looking for this upper receiver, $850+
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2021.10.22 15:19 stilettoz_n_bluntz Tweakerville Rant

I work for a very well known chain of motels you probably have all heard of them. This chain seems to become the town Tweakerville community in every location they’re in.
It amazes me how many tweakers think they look normal and with their eyes bugging out of their head and their face twitching have the nerve to turn around and have the biggest tantrum that our hotel “has too many tweakers” they “don’t feel safe” and they “are going to call corporate” …Like bitch have you looked in the fucking tonight?! your eyes look like large Marge from peewee Herman’s big adventure
I’ve had tweakers not want us to come in the room for days and when they leave we discover they took apart all the furniture in the room piece by piece
I have had a tweakers girl scream the other tweakers at the hotel were following her (nobody was) and when I didn’t see anyone on camera and didn’t agree with her that there was tweakers she screamed at me and accused me of being friends with the tweakers and trying to kidnap n traffic her
I just can’t with these people sometimes. What are some of your crazy hotel tweaker stories and how did you deal with any crazy tweaker scenarios???
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