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Is the anniversary upgrade worth it for someone like me?

2022.01.27 22:55 Wildgra Is the anniversary upgrade worth it for someone like me?

It’s my first time ever playing and I have a record of messing up games with mods and my pc isn’t the most tanky being a 3050ti with 4gbvram. Is it worth it to buy it(I have some spare cash) or try an download mods?
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2022.01.27 22:55 holtstuff A at Loyola Chicago with $$$$

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2022.01.27 22:55 Swaugh1985 Who do you want to be? An athelete, a holder, a gamer, an influencer or an entrepreneur?

Check it out @ nft.esportspro.gg and mint your EsportsPro Championship Club NFT.
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2022.01.27 22:55 just_in_camel_case I am a woman

Do not ask me anything.
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2022.01.27 22:55 P-VI Do you name your chickens?

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2022.01.27 22:55 Internal-Tank-964 Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 31 Insingo with a Stone Washed Blade and glass blast Finish

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2022.01.27 22:55 Sea-Conversation-252 Vídeo sobre mar fds

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2022.01.27 22:55 CaterpillarKey5498 Happy vibes go out to you all

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2022.01.27 22:55 Mr-pussycat Organs are overrated anyway!

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2022.01.27 22:55 like_a_wet_dog The best laid plans of MAGA and men...

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2022.01.27 22:55 WearyMatter Let's pretend every neighborhood in Houston is a person at a party. What are they doing?

Stolen from chicago who stole it from sandiego.
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2022.01.27 22:55 JLT007 USS Wasp LHD-1 mini doco

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2022.01.27 22:55 MasterpieceNeither73 Is Carl Meta?

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2022.01.27 22:55 thersdriver Is this kind of music popular?

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2022.01.27 22:55 zrich8 Can you show me a worse rayquaza artwork? I think not

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2022.01.27 22:55 Kaito958 Goku getting stabbed by moro

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2022.01.27 22:55 AhYes5HeadWineglass 30 [M4F] looking to be ghosted

Hey, Maybe could go on voice chat and you could seem really sweet and then after like 10 minutes you could say you have to take another call and you'll be right back, and end the call and instantly remove me
Maybe we could talk for like 10 or so minutes and then you could just stop responding and all that cool stuff. Maybe I could tell you about some cool movies and shit and we could make plans to watch some stuff together and then never do it
Maybe we could talk for four months, and then you could remove me off discord randomly
Maybe we could have a great conversation and have matching personalities and then we could go into a voice chat and play Terraria until 3 in the morning and have a good time, and then you never respond to me again
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2022.01.27 22:55 lemonineye Playlist

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2022.01.27 22:55 Luminetic Just finished Tales of Arise

Overall love the game. Yes I did feel the later part of the game story plot felt flat to me especially vholran. They made him so interesting to start but his development was nonexistent. They failed to utilize him to his full capacity and was actually the easiest to beat. Wish he was more of a challenge but still love the game!!!
Now I'm not much of a gamer. Just recently played FF7 remake and Tales of Arise. Love both games, the story telling, the combat, the visuals, the characters, and fantasy too. Boths games just made me love the experience. I hoping to find a new game to enjoy. Please help me find something just as great as these two! Now the only thing I ask is the game has had to come out within the last 5-6 years. I still want something a bit visually pleasing and that i can play on PC. Oh I should mention I'm not a real fan of turn base games.
Oh and I've already looked into Tales of Berseria and is something I'm actually considering playing but want to have a list of games so I can move onto the next when I finish. Thanks for any and all recommendations
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2022.01.27 22:55 Irish_Bonatone These people are the dumbest human beings on the planet

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2022.01.27 22:55 sinfulquinn00 Tarot Cards Under Pillow in Shared Bed?

so i’ve been wanting to get into tarot for a long time and overall delve into my spirituality more. i have read many times to sleep with them under your pillow for 7 nights to attune to them. i don’t know how much it all matters but i tend to rotate between sleeping at my own house and at my partner’s home where we share a bed. would it matter where i slept with them so long as they were under my side? it seems silly but i want to do this right and make sure that my partner’s presence in the bed wouldn’t negatively affect the process. thoughts? advice is appreciated! thanks
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2022.01.27 22:55 miscunknown HD800S Pad Swap [Inquiry]

I apologize in advance if this is not an applicable question for the subreddit (as this is slightly more related to modding than headphone purchasing), but it seems like the closest place to ask this.
I have the Dekoni Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin pads coming in for my HD800S and I was wondering how most people have it set up on the headphones.
The pads come with their own thin dust cover, but so does the HD800S. One of the reasons I'm getting the new pad is because my ears touch the driver on the stock pads and I was thinking to get the Dekoni pads and cut their dust cover out and leave the stock dust cover HD800S in to give me more space between my ears and the drivers and to avoid my ears touching anything - would that work OK? I know others take the HD800S dust covers out and leave the Dekoni one alone and I know of others that have both of the dust covers on.
I'm anycase, just wanted to see if anyone who has done any of the above to provide some feedback...I heard that one you put the Dekoni pads on, they're not so fun to take off, so ideally I'd like to go with a good choice the first time haha.
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2022.01.27 22:55 WellDone101 This Gigachad comparison.

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2022.01.27 22:55 Delicious-Promise-46 [selling] TikTok account with 35k followers with major audience in the US. The account will also come with a 21+million views

Send dm
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2022.01.27 22:55 UNOwenWasHim Rejoice Angelica A.U. Poster! For this humble author has fulfilled your wish and wrote a Fiction for you.

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